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More Client Testimonials 

"I was born in 1962. I received my High School diploma in 1979 from Franklin D. Roosevelt. I have an Associate's degree of Arts in Fashion and Design from Wade college. I worked at Paramount World Trade Center for 15 years as a model and designer. In 2013, I had a car crash and broke my spine and became hospitalized. I had to have an orthopedic implant. I moved into an apartment when I was discharged. Later, I couldn’t pay for the rent and was in the streets from 2015 until 2020 when I heard about Eden Outreach and called and moved in. I’m blessed to be at Eden Outreach. I have learned a lot of good things since I came here. I am being restored to my normal life again. I enjoy the bible study and prayers. I recently purchases a sewing machine and I have started sewing again. I am very happy to be here!"

Ranae Holloway


Rufus has been a maintenance man in a nearby apartment to Eden Outreach . He was passing by  five years ago and stopped by our facility. He was told about how our organization has been assisting individuals from jail and the streets with recovery services and jobs to get on their feet. Since then, he comes  after his normal job and helps with any maintenance that we need done, such as  fixing sheet rock, painting, and trimming trees.

In his own words: "I want to make my contribution to the community. I love the good work Eden outreach does for the community and for men and women that have no where to go.  In the past, I was on the street and had no where to go. I wish I knew about this place then; I wouldn’t have remained in that bad situation."

- Rufus