Eden Outreach

                                                                                  "Changing Lives, Building Futures"

Director's Message

For the past 19 years, it has been a great pleasure serving men and women struggling with addictive behaviors. We have seen many lives reconnected to God, transformed, and restored to productivity.  Many have successfully transitioned to life, family, and the workplace.

The Transitional Program is a divine dream. We are building a dream that comes from the heart of God. Right before our eyes, the leaders of tomorrow, in this generation of drug culture, are perishing in large numbers as a result of uncontrolled drug use. We need divine intervention for an immediate turn around. The majority of them are hurting and need to experience the love of God, which transforms and renews lives.

The involvement in addictive behaviors is irrespective of socioeconomic status, background, education, and ethnicity. We all need to unite and stand up to this and say, "It is enough!"  We are providing a positive Christian environment and guidance that will integrate the physical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of individuals. The training will bring about character change and full restoration from setbacks and addictive behaviors.

We need your generous financial support to help us continue to provide one to two years of residential rehabilitation that will enable the total transformation of individuals to purpose, stability, and success in life.

About the Founder

Agatha Odamah is the Founder and Executive Director of Eden Outreach, Inc. (formerly MetroHaven of Love, Inc. established in March 1999). The organization rehabilitates men and women from jails and treatment centers battling with drug/alcohol addictions and homelessness. MHL aims to ensure successful client reentry to society as healthy, contributing members of the community in a sober living, homelike, and structured environment with supportive recovery services.

Nineteen years of treatment experience has given Mrs. Odamah insight into men and women’s unique attitudes and life experiences. Her background allows her to create programs that are highly effective. In the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency, the caring and nurturing environment she provides with long term housing has been extremely effective. Additionally, she provides the residents with guidance that integrates the spiritual, physical and emotional dimensions of their lives.

She has extensive counseling experience with individuals, couples, groups, and life transitions and spends time ministering to people from all walks of life. Her approach to counseling is bible-based and acknowledges God as the primary influence in restoring total freedom.

Recently, she initiated a long term young adult discipleship program. In a positive Christian environment, she trains them to discover God’s divine plan and purpose for their lives. She assists them with training in leadership, education, life skills, and work ethics.

Agatha and her husband have six children and live in Dallas, Texas.